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EATON LED Lighting Drives Energy & Maintenance Savings for Oil Refinery and Harsh Environments
Eaton LED lighting solutions drive energy and maintenance savings for oil refinery
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15 Disasters that Can Be Avoided with Thermal Imaging
All maintenance departments should be using thermal imagery as part of their preventable maintenance. If not, you could be missing things that could have a pretty disastrous effect. Learn 15 potentially dangerous things that can be avoided with Thermal Imaging.
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Manufacturing Matters and We Are All In
Despite some of the popular narrative out there, more is getting manufactured in America now then ever before. Proud to support the industry, reduce energy and increase production efficiency.. We're All In!
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Industrial Use of Dry Erase Surfaces by 3M
3M's post-it dry erase surfaces aren't just for your home or office. Facilities are using them to make maintenance, operation notes in the plant.
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One of the biggest challenges the food and beverage processing industry faces is condensation. Although enclosures are designed to protect sensitive systems and controls, it is difficult to prevent moisture from collecting and forming condensation within an enclosure.
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PLCs meets Lighting Controls - Dialight & Rockwell Automation
LED lighting that communicates over Ethernet/IP protocol. • Simplify maintenance for your facility • Control dimming grouping and scheduling • 1756 ControlLogix • 1769/1768 CompactLogix System
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Belden,Omni Cable
Belden Cable That Saves Space
Up to 52% space savings. Connect machines and devices in space constrained, harsh industrial settings with multi-use cables tailormade for machine builders and device manufacturers’ needs.
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8 VFD Tips from Rockwell Automation Fair
Motors and drives are a critical piece to your system and your industrial system is only as good as its weakest link. Charlie traveled to Rockwell Automation Fair in Atlanta and scoured the trade-show floor for important products that go with your motor and drives to improve and protect your system around VFDs!
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Allen Bradley,Rockwell Automation
IO platform for improved connectivity in hazardous areas
Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1719 Ex I/O platform is designed to allow users to access data from field devices and more easily control process operations in hazardous areas.
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Essential NEMA 4x Devices for Food & Bev/Pharma
NEMA 4x wiring devices and GFCI protection items essential for Food and Pharma industries.
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